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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Michele Bachmann hates Muslims

Michele Bachmann is on the war path again against Muslims 
What this bimbo doesn't understand is that a Muslim is a 
follower of the religion of Islam

Michelle Bachmann Demands Obama Declare War on Islam Because #BENGHAZI! I mean WTF ..... Benghazi has already been declared a non issue.

If you were thinking to yourself that there’s been a surprising dearth of news on Michele Bachmann, the Queen Bee of Wingnuttia, don’t worry. The drought is over, she’s back in the news, and she’s just as determined to continue her Sisyphean battle with reality as we remember.

At the 2014 “Values Voters Summit” the Minnesota Republican claimed that, like her comprehension of reality, “moderate” Islam doesn’t exist and that President Obama has failed the American people by not declaring war on Islam as a whole entity.

From early this year ...
Dismay towards Bachmann’s continuing presence on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence stems from her use of that position to lead a witch-hunt against then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin and other U.S. government personnel. In the letter sent to the State Department, Bachmann suggested that Abedin and others were allied with the Muslim Brotherhood, seeking to infiltrate the U.S. government and affect policy decisions. The charges were clearly false, based mostly on the conspiracy theories of noted Islamophobe Frank Gaffney.
 From Comedy writers point of view ...
It would seem that comedy writers nationwide are in utter shock and disbelief that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) will not be seeking reelection in 2014. They are saddened by the sudden loss of infamous material that will now be just dust in the wind.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is Texas wrong about everything?

This time it's over abortion and for paying a previously discredited abortion foe to prepare the States defense. Vincent Rue received $42,000 to prepare the state's defense of a draconian anti-abortion law. 

Rue evidently prepared and adjusted the testimonies of 4-5 expert anti-abortion witnesses as presented to the court on paper.  The State also attempted to cover Rue's involvement.
Rue was thoroughly discredited as an abortion expert long before Texas hired him. When he testified in two landmark abortion cases in the 1990s, judges disregarded his testimony for being personally biased and lacking expertise. Mainstream medical organization have rejected Rue's efforts to classify a supposed mental illness caused by abortion, "post-abortive syndrome."
Not only is Rue getting paid by States to be a "profession opinion" but the others involved are getting paid as well. Here's the 'Anything for money' crowd --- James C. Anderson, the chair of Virginia Physicians for Life; Deborah Kitz, a health care consultant from Pennsylvania; Peter Uhlenberg, a sociologist at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; and Dr. Mayra Jimenez Thompson, an OB-GYN and University of Texas-Southwestern professor. Anti abortion for money .... says a lot.

I don't know the original intent of this poster but to me it was - Rick Perry Buzz Off

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Convert or Kill says Osama

So says Phil Osama Robertson

Phil Osama Robertson

This intolerant asshole who some say is a "popular conservative icon" says your have to either convert or kill terrorists .... while he chooses to dress and look like Osama Bin Laden. Does it seem like this jerk thinks exactly like the intolerant 'Islamic' religious terrorists in ISIS who are killing US journalists in Iraq.

Phil Robertson, the “Duck Dynasty” star and popular conservative icon, has his own idea for how the United States should combat terrorists abroad: “Either convert them or kill them.” 
Fighting ISIS, Robertson added, is similar to combating “street thugs on steroids. 
Robertson’s anti-gay remarks last year made him a cultural lightning rod. A&E, which airs “Duck Dynasty,” suspended him from the network following his rant comparing homosexuality to bestiality and his musings on African-American life in the South. Robertson’s family defended him, saying his beliefs were grounded in the teachings of the Bible.

Surrounded by the crazies in US Government, mostly the GOP, I just had to create my own space to cut and paste and rant a little

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