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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Is Texas wrong about everything?

This time it's over abortion and for paying a previously discredited abortion foe to prepare the States defense. Vincent Rue received $42,000 to prepare the state's defense of a draconian anti-abortion law. 

Rue evidently prepared and adjusted the testimonies of 4-5 expert anti-abortion witnesses as presented to the court on paper.  The State also attempted to cover Rue's involvement.
Rue was thoroughly discredited as an abortion expert long before Texas hired him. When he testified in two landmark abortion cases in the 1990s, judges disregarded his testimony for being personally biased and lacking expertise. Mainstream medical organization have rejected Rue's efforts to classify a supposed mental illness caused by abortion, "post-abortive syndrome."
Not only is Rue getting paid by States to be a "profession opinion" but the others involved are getting paid as well. Here's the 'Anything for money' crowd --- James C. Anderson, the chair of Virginia Physicians for Life; Deborah Kitz, a health care consultant from Pennsylvania; Peter Uhlenberg, a sociologist at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; and Dr. Mayra Jimenez Thompson, an OB-GYN and University of Texas-Southwestern professor. Anti abortion for money .... says a lot.

I don't know the original intent of this poster but to me it was - Rick Perry Buzz Off


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