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Monday, August 11, 2014

Way to Respond to Open-Carry

Walk the fuck out ..... get out of whatever establishment allows them in.  Don't pay, don't make a fuss and if the occasion arises .... say something to the staff.  Just tell them them  the Open-Carry  crazies are responsible for you leaving ...... and leaving in fear !!

The news: How should you respond to open-carry activists who carry firearms into public areas to demonstrate their love of guns? According to the blog Philosophical Questions Every Day (PQED) it's simple: just walk away.

Noting there is really "no legitimate way of determining intent" when suddenly confronted with the presence of men with guns, here's what is recommended:
My proposal is as follows: we should all leave. Immediately. Leave the food on the table in the restaurant. Leave the groceries in the cart, in the aisle. Stop talking or engaging in the exchange. Just leave, unceremoniously, and fast.
But here is the key part: don't pay. Stopping to pay in the presence of a person with a gun means risking your and your loved ones' lives; money shouldn't trump this. It doesn't matter if you ate the meal. It doesn't matter if you've just received food from the deli counter that can't be resold. It doesn't matter if you just got a haircut. Leave. If the business loses money, so be it. They can make the activists pay.
The only thing that makes us notice [the activists] at all is that they have guns and truthfully, that’s why they carry them in the first place. They want to be celebrities, heroes, and the centers of attention.

There's One Simple Way to Respond to Open-Carry Gun Rights Activists 


Surrounded by the crazies in US Government, mostly the GOP, I just had to create my own space to cut and paste and rant a little

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